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KDS and T1DS are proprietary curricula designed to cultivate holistic skills in children. Developed, tested and refined by Ms. Lee over the past nineteen years, they have received several endorsements from parents, organizations, individuals, and the media.


KinderGolf Program

For Ages 2 - 7+

All KinderGolf programs are developed based on the KinderGolf Developmental System®, a proven proprietary preschooler golf instruction methodology that builds strong fundamentals for young children through a holistic development of mental, life and golf skills.

TeeOne Program

For Ages 8 to 14

Specially designed for children aged eight to 15, the TeeOne Program is developed under the TeeOne Developmental System (T1DS). Supported with advanced and quality training aids, students will gain a deeper understanding of golf swings and get familiar with the Rules and Etiquettes of golf, one of the curriculum’s main focuses.

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KinderGolf Developmental System

Each KinderGolfer will start with a Base Program and progress to more advanced programs and electives as he or she improves in proficiency and maturity. Each KinderGolfer will be individually assessed before being assigned to any of the programs. 

We have three Base programs in place: PAR, to build the basics; BIRDIE, to practice techniques; and EAGLE, to develop strategies. Prior to entering these programs, parents may introduce their children to golf by enrolling them in the JrPAR program.

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